NanotechRadar is a nanotechnoly hub for researchers, entrepreneurs, companies and other stakeholders with interest in Nanotechnlogy. The NanotechRadar gathers in a single platform relevant information about the latest advances in the field and business opportunities based on nanotechnology research.

Selective information includes scientific articles, patents, case studies, project funding opportunities, dissemination events and a marketplace of technology requests and technology offers.

NanotechRadar also provides access to relevant catalogues and databases. Databases include nanotechnology research groups in a variety of scientific fields and topics and a large number of companies with activities and interests in Nanotechnology.

Other tailor-made services include technology transfer and Intelligence Competitive methodologies to analyze opportunities and market/product problems to drive innovative and personalized breakthrough solution strategies. The variety of customers includes both small and large companies that see the value and potential of Nanotechnology in their daily business operations.