Wanted: materials and / or processes to maintaining / lowering the temperature of liquids in metal or glass containers

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The desired result is a material that can be applied through the print to ensure that the beverage temperature is maintained below 10 degrees, while being consumed.

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Cold beverage when served warm quickly during consumption as heat is transferred from the hand to the liquid container. We allow the beverage to remain cold and during consumption or through minimize heat gain by the liquid or actively reduce the liquid temperature. This can be accomplished through a variety of solutions however, are focusing on phase change insulation material and / or process which allows the coating material on the metal or glass.


  • Drinks stay less than 10 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes while driving
  • The material should not exceed 250 microns thickr having insulating effect
  • The material should be well and ideally enable printing
  • Food grade if an internal solution
  • Resistance to Pasteurization
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We are looking for technology transformation of matter and insulate against heat gain or actively reduce the temperature of the liquids in glass bottles or cans. Solutions (eg, phase change materials / insulation, etc.) which can easily be coated on the inside or outside of the bottle or cans in quick moving production line, while ensuring the quality aspect of final product, which would be of interest. Processes that allow printing, coating, spraying or as thick foam phase change materials are also of interest.

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