A workshop organized by the USC presents FEUGA and nanotechnology as growth opportunity for companies in Galicia


Scientists and key enterprises in nanotechnology development of the Euroregion participate in the meeting.

Nanotechnology has positioned itself as one of the most valued tools for technological innovation for many companies. It is like the future of food and health advances, information technology and communication or energy efficiency devices. A technology that makes its way to the growth of companies in Galicia and northern Portugal. But, do you know all the utilities companies of nanotechnology for your business?

The opportunity is the company give-University Foundation Galega (FEUGA) and the University of Santiago de Compostela next Tuesday, June 18, through the workshop "Nanotechnology Fact or trend?" Where they can meet existing resources to implement the nanotechnology and business demand is in the Galicia-North of Portugal, given the huge growth opportunity involved.

This event, part of the European project Nanovalor is aimed at companies using or interested in technology applications, solutions providers and developers of nanotechnology and researchers in the area.It will involve scientists and key enterprises in nanotechnology development, as Vasco Teixeira, project coordinator Nanovalor, Manuel Varela, Director of the Galician Agency for Innovation, Sergio Figeiras, Project Management of INL, or entrepreneurial companies in the use of this technology. The forum will be attended by Alfons Cornella, founder and president of Infonomía, innovative network of Spanish-language reference, which will discuss the latest trends in technology, including nanotechnology is.

The deadline for registration to attend this free workshop ends on Friday, June 14, and all those who wish to participate should download the application form from the Foundation's website ( www.feuga.es ) and in itself the project www.nanovalor.org and send it duly completed to email innovació .This seminar, to be held at the headquarters of FEUGA located in the Campus Life Santiago de Compostela, has limited capacity, so that the entries will be formalized in strict order of receipt.

You can find more information on the website www.nanovalor.org and on phone 981 534 180 ext. 110 and 881 816 277.