Magnetic dendritic nanostructures method for manufacturing the same

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Magnetic nanostructures composed of a set of nanorods magnetic dipole forces joined by a dendritic pattern, and its manufacturing method is described. Dendritic magnetic nanostructures are prepared at room temperature by applying a magnetic field to a reverse micelle system in which at least one salt of a magnetic metal precipitated inside the reverse micelle core. This manufacturing method signfifcant technical advantages over existing systems.

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Magnetic Nanostructures dimensional quasi such as nanorods, nanowires and nanotubes have attracted scientific and technological interest, since they exhibit unique magnetic properties that do not appear either in quantity or nanoparticle counterparts. Has proposed a variety of methods for the synthesis of various types of nanorods. And, while these methods have produced varying degrees of success, they all face the same common problems associated with chemical and physical processes, such as high cost, aggregation and coarsening of the particles at elevated temperatures, and control Thus, all of which limits their applications. This paper presents a novel fabrication method based on the reverse micelle method to produce a magnetic nanorods resting dendritic way to an applied magnetic field at room temperature.This technology provides an efficient and cost-effective fabrication of nanostructures, and also magnetic nanostructures having unique morphologies which have great potential to reduce the costs of manufacturers nanostructure.


  • Manufacturing occures at room temperature.
  • No expensive, sophisticated machines.
  • Provides method for manufacturing magnetic nanostructures having unique morphologies.


  • All aspects of nanofabrication. This method also gives consumers the nanostructures of a simple method to produce nanostructures on the premises.


  • Tehcnology protected by two U.S. patents issued: 7635518, U.S. 8197890

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Nanoelementos y nanoestructuras, Nanofabricación
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