Nanostructures of ultra high density media storage

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In the heat assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) Ferh-FePt composite particles are widely used to increase the thermal stability and overcome the limitations of writing field in both longitudinal and perpendicular recording magnetic. Spherical nanoparticles magnetically isotropic media offer functional advantages over conventional particles. Therefore, the synthesis of spherical nanoparticles composed Ferh-FePt offers great potential for increasing the stability of the magnetic storage media and function. This supply of current technology includes methods and processes for the manufacture of Ferh / FePt core-shell nanostructures and its use as a storage medium ulta-high density.

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New and innovative aspects

In HAMR, both coercivity and saturation magnetization of FePt process.However are reduced during heating, the reduction of saturation magnetization of FePt reduces the thermal stability of FePt media and therefore the ability of the media FePt communication to keep the data written in time. FePt by magnetically coupling with Ferh, the saturation magnetization of Ferh - FePt system increases more than FePt alone, resulting in an increase in the thermal stability of magnetic recording media and the resolution of writability -problem.Therefore Ferh synthesis and coupling FePt magnetic field overcomes the limitations of writing in the recordings, both longitudinal and perpendicular magnetic.This supply of current technology includes methods and processes for the manufacture of uniformly spherical Ferh / FePt core-shell nanostructures and its demonstrated use as a storage medium for ultra high density. This technology has great potential as a means of ultra-high density storage.

Major advantages of its use

  • Improved methods for producing nanostructures Ferh-FePt and its use as a storage medium


  • Recordable and rewritable ultra-high density media storage

Intellectual property

  • Patent: U.S. 7964013

Current state of development

  • Functional prototypes

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Nanoelementos y nanoestructuras
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