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The NANOVALOR Observatory (NanotechRadar) aims primarily to establish effective models of technology transfer and collaborative research services adapted to the Nanotechnology R&D taking place in the Euroregion.

NanotechRadar Services are offered to private and public stakeholders, including researchers and companies with activities, interests or potential to incorporate nanotechnology in their business models.

The NanotechRadar is part of the Nanovalor project ( and engages an innovation community of more than 500 researchers and around 300 companies from the Euroregion Galicia-North of Portugal.

NanotechRadar is open to external companies and research institutions and provides strategic information, tailor-made roadmaps, Intellectual property advice and guidance in Nanotechnology, Intelligence technology analysis for new products and technology and potential project opportunities for the next Horizon2020.

NanotechRadar represents a powerful bridge connecting innovative communities with the latest advances and regulations in Nanotechnology.