Nanotechnology offers competitive advantages to a variety of industrial sectors and different size companies. Technology Intelligence tools and competitive analysis exercises present potent solutions and services to manage innovation. NanotechRadar gathers and present the latest reports form the most influential organizations and experts in Nanotechnology. The documentation is classified and offered to the community for the benefit of research and innovation.

Reports and roadmaps are classified according to their impact in a particular industry or sector (automobile, pharmaceuticals, IT, renewable energy,… ), or according to a specific technology with multiple industrial applications (Graphene, NEMS, Photonics, Magnetic Nanoparticles, etc).

NanotechRadar also offers the possibility of tailor-made reports to individuals and private organizations interested in detailed and personalized analysis of a particular topic or challenge that affects its product development. Through internal methodologies and powerful innovation software able to revise and check more than 100 million documents, including scientific papers, patents, industry standards, websites books and other highly value added information and technology databases available in 5 different languages, NanotechRadar can help you to drive your innovation and decision-making process, leveraging the real value of your company and your ideas.

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